Important information in advance

Release Notes

In the forum of Bloonix release notes are published. Before you install or update Bloonix components you should visit the forum to look for important information: Release Notes in the Bloonix Forum


Please take care that on all server the time is correct. For this reason you should install a service like NTPD.


On all server where the Bloonix-Server or Bloonix-WebGUI is running, it's necessare that a MTA like Postfix, Exim or Sendmail is installed.

Perl modules

On older Linux systems some Perl modules will be installed from the Bloonix repository if lower version are installed. This modules are

IO::Socket::SSL Version 1.77
HTTP::Tiny Version 0.022
Log::Handler Version 0.84

This versions are needed at least to run the Bloonix software. Please check of other software on your server could crash if this versions are installed.


Please note that the user admin should only be used to act in the ADMINISTRATION area of the webgui. The first step that you should do after the login is to create a own company, a own group and a own user. The user and the group should be assigned to the new company and the user should have operator rights.

Source code

You can find the source code of Bloonix on Github: https://github.com/bloonix/bloonix

Installation guide

The installation of Bloonix is simple. Just work through the documentation and Bloonix should be working after some minutes:

  1. Repositories
  2. Elasticsearch
  3. PostgreSQL
  4. Nginx
  5. Bloonix-WebGUI
  6. Bloonix-Server
  7. Bloonix-Plugins
  8. Bloonix-Agent
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