About Bloonix

What is Bloonix

Bloonix is a monitoring solution that helps businesses to ensure high availability and performance. The software is developed in the programming languages Perl and Javascript, whereat JavaScript is only used at the client side in a browser.

With Bloonix everything can be monitored what is to be reached about a network connection and for which there is a Plugin. Hardware components can be also monitord on which Bloonix cannot be installed, as for example Router, Switches, Loadbalancer or other hardware whose status about SNMP or any protocol can be questioned.

Plugin based monitoring

Bloonix is a plugin-based monitoring system and, among the rest, disposes of Plugins for the monitoring of Linux, Windows, Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, Redis, MySQL and PostgreSQL. The Plugins are developed steadily. You find a coarse overview the available Plugins here: Bloonix-Plugins

Nagios plugins are compatible and can be used with Bloonix. Hence, we recommend to use only Nagios plugins if there is still no suitable Bloonix plugin for the monitoring of the desired service.

Supported operating systems

For the application of Bloonix an unix based operating system and a Perl from version 5.14 is required. We recommend the use of Linux, with pleasure Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora or also openSUSE, because there are ready packages for the distributions.

The Bloonix agent who is responsible for the monitoring of systems is also available for older Linux versions. Here reaches a Perl from version 5.8, nevertheless, the installation occurs by hand (configure, make, make instal).

Short history

  • 2006: In January, 2006 the first lines code were written for the monitoring software Bloonix.
  • 2010: In April, 2010 Bloonix began the cloud solution.
  • 2014: In November, 2014 the whole software was licensed by Bloonix under the GPLv3.
  • 2015: In March, 2015 Bloonix wins together with the software project Lychee the Open-Source-Price 2014 which were initiated of the Buch7.de.

Developing speed

Since the software of Bloonix were licensed under the GPLv3, many new feature requests reach us. We of Bloonix are a very active team and are entitled also to extend the feature set of Bloonix steadily and quickly. That's why it can also seem that very often an update with new features is available. We are entitled also to fix bugs as fast as possible what means that new packages with bug fixes are published at the same or the next day. If you have the wish to use Bloonix as a monitoring solution, then it's worthwhile to visit sometimes our forum to find out how Bloonix has developed and which announcements there are too future updates.

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